How Much Is Copper Worth?


The price of copper has been increasing in recent years, which has led many people to look a little more closely at how much their copper might be worth.  So, how much is copper worth?  The answer is always changing.  Like all commodities, the price of copper is determined by a combination of several factors.  While it may be impossible to correctly identify all of the variables and indicators that may affect copper pricing, typical factors include supply and demand, variances in the commodities markets, and the amount of current stockpiles of copper. Continue to read the full article so you know exactly what your copper is worth and the value you should expect in return for selling.

Infographic: How Much is Copper Worth?

A visual infographic “How much is copper worth?” to show supply and demand of copper.

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There are several markets that facilitate the trading of precious metals such as copper, gold, silver and platinum. These markets are what reflect the current supply and demand of copper and thus provide a reliable index for the price of copper.  The primary market for trading metals like copper is the COMEX.  COMEX was known as the Commodity Exchange Inc. until it merged with the New York Mercantile Exchange in 1994 and gained responsibility for trading in metals.  The 1994 merger creating COMEX resulted in the largest physical futures trading exchange in the world at the time. COMEX prices for copper are in U.S. dollars per pound, and are the prices that are reflected on our website.

Today, the futures exchange known as the London Metals Exchange (LME) boasts the world’s largest market in options and futures contracts on base and other metals.  The LME’s copper pricing is perhaps more tailored to high-volume traders, as its pricing for copper and other metals is denominated in U.S. dollars per ton.  The Shanghai Futures Exchange is another significant market for metals and, notably, is located in China, the world’s largest consumer of copper.

Infographic: Copper Price Per Pound

A visual infographic “Copper Price Per Pound” to show copper worth in previous years.

How much is copper worth today?

To view the current price of copper and find out how much your copper is worth, see the scrap copper prices page to find out today’s price.  For the price of copper in previous years, be sure to check out our page, which has some helpful graphs and charts that show you the volatility of copper prices in simple, visual graphs.

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